Dyeing and Finishing


Tapes and belts in natural rubber


Dunline Rubber Products Company – since 1938 tapes’ supplier in natural rubber & felt.
Dunline has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of Rubber Belts for all types and brands of compressive shrinkage machines worldwide. DRP markets its belts under the Dunply brand in China and under the Dunline brand in the rest of the world. Dunline belts are considered the industry standard and remain the preferred choice for all applications.


  • Rubber belts
  • Rubber repair sheets
  • Palmer finisher felts
  • Durometers


  • Grinding cloth
  • Dunply belt protect (high temperature release compound)
  • Belt wash
  • Felt doctor
  • Talcum powder
  • Pyrometer
  • Parallel gauge
  • Shrinkage marker and measuring tape

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