Dyeing and Finishing


Steamer and tumbler


Salvadè is a prominent Company, Italian excellence in printing and finishing field, world wide appreciated for his fingerprints: an extreme attention paid to the design and manufacturing aspects of his production, finalized to quality, productivity, consistency and sustainability.
The integration with KMT range allows to access to complete sets of solutions for top fashion products, both in apparel and in upholstery fields.
Salvadè roots, that had been founded 5° years ago as a maintenance work, make the Company as a benchmark for the after-sales service, allowing to fully profit of the wide potential of his machines, with great benefit in profitability and Customer Satisfaction.


  • VPM: Continuous steaming machine for digital and traditional printing.
  • VPI: Continuous steaming machine for small printing batches
  • MACH-5
  • MarFa: High energy efficiency continuous tumbler for special finishing and dimensional stabilization
  • COMBI: Multipurpose calenders for heat-transferprinting and mono/multi layers lamination
  • FORTUNY: Batch and continuous crushing machines fr specal finishings
  • FLAT
  • SONIA: Batch and continuous pleating machines for special finishings

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via Riccardo Mantero, 3 22070 Grandate (CO)