Preowned Equipment

JIGGER G 102 4554

Machine Code: G 102 4554

Jigger M.C.S., mod. COMBI JP 70, YOC 2004, W.W.2000 mm, R.W.2200 mm,
EC marked, HT suitable for high temperature treatments,
electric transmission, composed by:
- autoclave for winding and returning cylinders
- treatment vessel with rocker arm at central-shaft complete of piping for washing phases
- external sampling unit
- external bath filter with movable basket
- external heat exchanger for thermal cycle phases
- 1 lateral vessel for dye stuffs and auxiliaries introduction, adjustable level filling
- pump for product introduction
- valves, condensation draining units, main bath drainage small unit
- main drive panel compelkte of original Termoelettronica e CT microprocessor for thermal cycle managing; selectors for eventual manual driving of treatment cycle
- auxiliary panel with fingerboard for machine driving
- hydraulic movable unit for fabric outlet
- oscillating cylinder widening unit at machine exit
- sliding gates and safety fix barriers
- safety photocell barriers

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