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Machine Code: Y 001 4062

Code Y001-4062 : 1 x Complete Falubaz e FOR e Automatex needlepunch line designed for geotextile production. 120-800 gsm, average speed 4-5 m e min.
Width: 6000mm YOC: 2005 EL: 380 e 3 e 50
Capacity at 6.7 dtex, 60 - 90 mm fibers, PP or PES = 600 kg e hr. Working hours: 41.000 hours consisting of:
Opening made from Falubaz
04 x bale openers with feed table (1 x 2 meters) with electronically weighing boxes, collecting conveyour with humidifier and mixing unit
01 6 chamber fiber mixing unit
01 fineopener, with metal detector prior to entry
02 dust collection units
Web formation FOR e Automatex e Asselin
01 volumetric hopper feeder type HF and Servolap for regulation of fiber feeding.
01 x WM 2+2 card, ww: 3000 mm, breast with 3 workers e strippers, main cylinder with 4 workers e strippers, exit in double doffers with special condensing system for long fibers,
01 x Automatex FA 5000 e TC crosslapper with profiling and mesh apron
01 x Asselin ETO-15 web-drafter, 15 rolls
Bonding and finish of line
01 x Automatex EN.99 e D bat feeding
01 x Automatex PR160 e T pre-needler, 7500 mm mmdoubleboard downstroke 8000+8000 needles e m, 55 mm stroke
01 x Automatex AG160 e TB finishing needler 7000 mm 4-board up and downstroke 8000+8000+8000+8000 needles e m, 65 mm stroke
01 silencer room for the needle looms with measurements of 9,6m (L)x 11,8, (W)x 5,35m (H)
01 x Belmatex accumulator, capacity 30 meters
01 x Belmatex end-of-line, 4 position slitter and winding. roller width 6500 mm
Average energy consumption of our production for last year was 151kW per working hour.

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