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Nr 1 Meltblown line prepared for PP and PET brand Comerio SpA and ATF 1200 mm YOC 2020, composed as follows:
- 01 Unloading and storage section of the polymer and the Master Batch and pneumatic conveying to the dosing system
- 01 Dosage consisting of 1 station for PP in chip and 2 for Masterbatch in chips
- 01 x Single screw extruder with electrically heated screw and with 5 independent temperature regulation zones; Screw diameter 70 mm L e D:26
- 01 x Filter with manual gearbox and 2 electrically heated zones; Temperature :Max 290°C, Pressure Max 300 bar
- 01 x Stainless steel transfer line with feed pump
- 01 x Spinning head with electrical resistors for temperature control of stainless steel spindle without gaskets. Complete with two complete spinning packs
(Spinneret , Counter spinneret and filter ) and hot air drawing system with dedicated generator and resistance T Max 260 °C, P Max : 2-3 bar
- 01 x Mezzanine to support the Extrusion and Spinning Section Melt Blown.
- 01 x Movable belt complete with adjustable suction slots
- 01 x Hydraulic calender COMERIO Ercole S.p.A.1200 mm YOC 2020, 2-cylinder 310*1200 mm peripheral drilling cylinders TMax 180 °C P MAx 100 N e mm equipped with SItema Hydro Mug Thickness adjustment with its own Control PLC
- 01 Automatic Winder Drum Winder ATF s.r.l 1200 YOC 2020 Cylinder Table 1350 mm WW: 1200 mm equipped with in-line cutting with 7 scissor knives with manual positioning. Special execution with carbon return cylinders and 3 carbon expansion shafts. Complete with unloading trolley and transverse movement for shaft extraction in seal. Control System with Own PLC
- Control supervisor of the entire line
- Electrostatic current generator
- Plant Auxil

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