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Machine Code: Y 004 4315

1 x Trützschler e Hergeth e Schott & Meissner thermobond line Width: 2500mm YOC: 1995-1998 EL: 380 e 3 e 50
complete thermobonding line, maximum speed 15 m e min, capacity up to 300 gsm, throughput up to 300 kg e hr depending on type of fiber, currently running a blend of cotton and viscose.
04 x Trützschler PWSE weighing towers, ww: 1200 mm, with mechanical weight feeders, fed by condensor
01 x collection belt
02 x Trützschler FM tuftblenders (one on each end of the conveyor belt)
01 x magnet trap + 01 x TV425 fan and including Trützschler WC weightcommander. All equipment from 1995.
01 x TFV4 fine opener, 4 cylinders, ww: 1200 mm, including BE1200 feeding tower, fed by condensor and TV425 fan, yoc: 1997
01 x Hergeth FS e 5 feed tower, ww: 1200 mm, yoc: 1995, fed by condensor
01 x Hergeth MC e W masterchute, ww: 2500 mm, yoc: 1996
01 x Hergeth card, ww: 2500 mm, yoc: 1995, including also weighing belt, blowing fan and suction fan for aerodynamic web forming with turbo roll.
01 x Schott & Meissner TopCon LP oven, ww: 2500 mm, yoc: 1995, gas heated, single burner up to 350 kW, circulation fan 15 kW or 15,000 m3 e hr, including cooling chamber with separate exhaust fan, double belt - max gap 20 mm.
01 x Schott & Meissner smoothing calender, ww: 2500 mm, yoc: 1998, pressure 4 tons on full width, thermo-oil heated (boiler not included), 2 cylinders, fabric guiding with two guide rollers for S-guiding as well as feed table for tensionless infeed.
01 x Schott & Meissner slitter and cross-cut, ww: 2500 mm, yoc: 1995, including 10 circular knives, cross-cut with 130 mm dia circular blade, selvedge suction on both sides with central opening fan.
01 x Schott & Meissner inclined batch winder with one driven roll and one driven belt, ww: 2500 mm, yoc: 1998, max winding dia 1500 mm.

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