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Machine Code: D 003 4599

N.1 Mercerizing Line, Maker BENNINGER, Model: DIMENSA- Ml2-2000, Working Width: 2000 mm, YOC:2018
- Inlet for non stop operation from big Roll or Plaiter Driven by a Rubber Pull Roller with J-Box with photocell control and the tension control by a dancing roller; equipped with ELSMART SWA9511 and spiral spreading roller
- Impregnation Unit (2)
- Squeezing Padder (3)
- Cylinders Impregnation Section (4) with Squeezing Padder equipped with Heat exchanger
- Cylinders Neutralization Section (7) followed by Squeezing Padder
- Bypass to go directly to washing section or Inlet from Plaiter e Unwinder
- Impregnation bath followed by Squeezing Padder
- 4 x Trikoflex Drum Washing Unit
- Final Squeezing Padder
- Outlet for non stop operation econsisting of JBOX equipped with ELSMART and spiral spreading roller with winding arm
- Product: Woven 100%CO 50-300 g e m2
- Roller Width 2200 mm, Working width: 2000 mm Speed :8-80 m e min
- PLC with possibility to operate just the mercerizer or the washing unit or both combined

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