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Machine Code: I 002 4072

N.1 Complete Babcock Stenter Line ww:3200 YOC 1992 Gas Heated, lubrification free horizontal combined chain pin and clips composed of :
- 1 Inlet combination from big roll
- 1 Beta Padder 3 Bowls in Vertical execution in equipressure model FMC with double trough
- 1 Mahlo Weft Straighner with six heads
- 1 Babcock Stenter frame type 5000 e 3700,serial nr.164974 e P92009 e 001, W.W.3200 YOC 1992 with combined horizontal chain lubrification free , with a 3 meter entrance with control bridge, a 7 chamber oven in counterytpe execution, a 3 meter exit field with 1 meter air cooling section
- 1 Mahlo Reading Bridge with 4 heads
- 1 Outlet combination with surface winder on big roll

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